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"Results- I have better quality of life with doterra then I had when I was in my 20's." - Kim
"We found in doTERRA what we did not know we were looking for." Tim

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When it comes to choosing an essential oil company, it’s very important to make sure your getting the safest, purest, most effective essential oils available.
WHY? Remember, you’ll be breathing them in aromatically, applying them topically and possibly consuming them internally too. Anything you use for health purpose needs to meet a very high standard of quality.

Here are 10 leading reasons why over 8 million families and counting are choosing DoTERRA.

1. Sourcing
Where your oils come from is a big deal.  DoTERRA sources its essential oils from all over the globe. In fact over 140 original oils are sourced from over 45 nations! This is to ensure that the essential oil is grown in the best conditions possible and where the plant thrives most, thus creating an essential oil that will contain the highest quality chemical profile for maximum health benefit and effectiveness.
Over 93% of the farmers supplying DoTERRA with its oil do so exclusively. That means no other company can match the same quality.

2. Purity
The purity of an essential oil is the most important and most difficult to obtain characteristic. An essential oil that isn’t pure means you run the risk of putting synthetics, heavy metals, or adulterants onto or into your body, which can provoke irritation, adverse effects, or even sickness. Unfortunately, adulteration and unethical practices are all too common in the essential oil industry.
Due to a lack of accepted standards in the industry, doTERRA created its own testing standard called Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) that certifies the oils are 100% free from fillers, adulterants, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants.
Every single batch. Every single bottle. Every single time. NOW proven pharmacutial grade. ONLY due to standard and testing. Would you want anything less for your family?
See above information Partners with doTERRA!

3. Testing Standards
On every single batch of essential oil an array of 176 analysis and  extensive third party laboratory tests are conducted to ensure purity, effectiveness and a long shelf-life. No other Essential Oil company puts in this much effort. No one goes further to guarantee purity in every bottle. When you use DoTERRA essential oils, whatever the label says is in the bottle is exactly what’s in the bottle. Every time. You can count on it like the sunrise.

4. Potency
Just because an oil may be 100% pure, doesn’t mean it’s effective or potent. In fact, most companies are neither. To create potency the oil must come from that part of the world where the plant is native and thrives the most. Plus, the farmers must be well experienced and committed to planting, cultivating, harvesting and distilling the oil in just the right way, every time.

What you’ll find is that oils from other companies, when compared with DoTERRA oils, may not even smell similar. You may wonder… if this is really Peppermint oil, what was I using before?
Also, with other companies you may have to use several drops of the same oil just to get the equivalent of what you’d get with 1 drop of DoTERRA oil.
Experience the Potency Yourself:  Experience for yourself.

Once you try DoTERRA, you’ll never go back!

5. Safety
Because of the purity of DoTERRA essential oils, they are safe for all ages and can be applied aromatically, topically and also used internally. Just be sure to follow common safety tips for sensitive skin, children and appropriate practices for topical and internal use.
Refer to the DoTERRA Essential oil Skin Sensitivity and Application Chart

Which ones can I use internally? If you see a Supplement Facts on the back of a bottle, then it’s recommended for internal use. Oils can be taken with water, in food, directly under the tongue or in a veggie capsule. Being able to use doTERRA essential oils safely internally, can have a tremendous health benefit.
Be careful not to take “hot” oils like oregano, cinnamon, thyme or clove directly under the tongue. These oils are HOT and  can burn or severely irritate sensitive skin, like the mouth and throat. "I have burned my leg and lips not listening to caution with hot oils. I do use many doterra essential oils daily in my mouth totally safe, just not the hot ones." Kim

6. Sustainability
DoTERRA is committed to the long term access of CPTG quality essential oilsAs more and more people start using essential oils, it’s important that plants and lands are not over harvested, farmers are treated ethically and fairly, and that long term plans are in place to ensure a sufficient sustainable supply. 
To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, DoTERRA has introduced an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing. Co-Impact Sourcing develops long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. DoTERRA is committed to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by providing on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and harvesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benefits and bargaining power while improving skills and capacity. Video above showed this very nicely on how doterra essential oils are harvested very resourcefully giving many people jobs, and even allowing us to have essential oils had hand and available for less money as doterra adds in more growing areas. Hope you enjoyed this video

7. Giving Back- Which means caring!
The DoTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is working to empower people and communities worldwide to make a positive change. Through partnerships for global impact, matching support for Wellness Advocate Projects, disaster relief, health, anti human trafficking, and by facilitating community development projects in Co-Impact Sourcing areas – people are empowered and lives are changed.
Every time you order DoTERRA essential oils you are directly supporting these organizations. Adding an extra $1 donation to each order we can change the world!
See how you can get involved: DoTERRA Healing Hands Foundation
Corporate Partners
  • Healing Hands 

8. Devolvement
DoTERRA hasn’t only raised the standard on quality, but has also launched several new and exciting ways essential oils can be used and incorporated into every day life, like never before. Through new and exciting innovations of oil-infused products lines, we can enjoy the benefits of essential oils in practically all areas of our life.
From skin care to supplements and hair care to home living. You can makeover your medicine cabinet and home with DoTERRA pure, tested products.

Ways to experience doterra yourself.

  • doTERRA Single oils
  • doTERRA Propriety Blends
  • doTERRA Personal Care Products
9. Affordable
Like the old saying goes…”You get what you pay for”. Buying cheap oils gets you cheap results. When it comes to using essential oils for your health, you don’t want to take any risks.
Are DoTERRA oils expensive? Nope, in fact, they can be more affordable and more effective than modern medicine. Plus, no side effects, no co-pays and deductibles, no expiration (if stored properly), and hopefully less visits to the doctor.
When comparing to other oil companies, remember:
  1. Quality is unmatched
  2. One drop goes a long ways. You’ll be using less drops for the same application
  3. DoTERRA mostly sells 15 ml bottles. That means about 250 drops / applications per bottle. If you take a bottle of Lemon essential oil, that means only .05 cents per drop! Pennies per dose.
Members save even more. As a DoTERRA Wholesale Member you'll Save 25% off Retail PricingPlus, you’ll have the option to participate in DoTERRA’s monthly Loyalty Rewards Program and earn an additional 10-30% back on all your shopping!
Join for free with the purchase of any DoTERRA enrollment kit.

10. Continuing Education
Education is key in doTERRA! If you know how to use your oils and which ones to use for what, you’ll be empowered to care for your health.  And you will be able to help people around you.
With doTERRA, there are endless opportunities to learn more online, in person, or at events. DoTERRA has a world renowned library of DIY blogs, studies, articles, reference guides, webinars, events, social media posts and more each year.
You’ll always be discovering with DoTERRA!

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Here’s just a sample:
  • Oil Blog
  • eBooks
  • Essential Oil Specialist Certificate
  • Reference Guides -
  • YouTube Channel - TimKimOils 
Founded in 2008, DoTERRA was built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.  After only a few short years of launching, DoTERRA became the #1 essential oil company in the world and continues to be so because of its unequaled quality, education, and innovation. Essential oils have become a common household name today because of these efforts.  With over 8 millions members and growing, DoTERRA essential oils continue to empower homes and changes lives around the world!

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We were both Skeptics now Oil lovers, tested the oils on for ourselves, and allowed results to prove to use.

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