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doTERRA has captured the potent benefits of doTERRA SuperMint Mentha Blend in a tiny, soft, and convenient vegetarian beadlet. Each beadlet contains a proprietary blend of CPTG® Peppermint, Japanese Mint, Bergamot Mint, and Spearmint essential oils, delivering a refreshing burst of flavor. 

LLV & Metapwr system Recharge & Supermint Beadlets

The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable. 

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level.* Designed to be used in a system, each MetaPWR product offers a specialty, while also supporting and enhancing the benefits of the other products.

MetaPWR Recharge provides an exclusive, balanced blend of electrolytes—including potassium, sodium, and magnesium— that’s perfect for everyone, not just high-performance athletes.

Natural Solutions Kit

Discover what the power of nature can do with the Natural Solutions Kit—a collection of the best doTERRA products meant to help you live a natural life, free of harmful toxins.

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Home Essentials Kit

This is your toolbox to help you stay in the pink every day. The blends and single oils in Home Essentials have been hand-selected to provide you with the most important tools to help you live an active life, both mentally and physically. Single oils: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Oregano, & Tea Tree.  Oil Blends: DigestZen, OnGuard, Deep Blue, & Breathe.

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Frankincense Sourcing

Doterra's Gold Standard- Why? 

Metapwr collagen

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Essential oils  vs. virus

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"I thought I checked all the boxes with my health.  I've always had trouble wanting to eat because of low blood sugar.  After some time taking MetaPWR I noticed I had a bigger appetite and my stamina increased greatly."
—Orion Metheney   
"The first thing I noticed when taking MetaPWR is decreased mental fog.  Brain fog is a real thing.  Since taking MetaPWR I've noticed increased energy and mental clarity."
—Dr. Ashley Anderson
"Hydration and Nutrition are important and DoTERRA has provided me with just what I need.  And my children have benefited from MetaPWR Recharge too."
—Ayisha Mitchell
Mother & Aspiring Olympic Athlete

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